"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. First we form habits, then they form us. Conquer your bad habits, or they will eventually conquer you. Imagine you only have one year to live. What important things would you be doing? How would you be allotting your time to accomplish the most you could? This exercise is one method of going after your priorities."



Anthony's Years of Performing


After returning to the U.S., Anthony was a favorite featured performer alongside the Osmond Brothers and Tony Orlando at Branson’s Osmond Family Theater for 3 successful seasons.

After a 2 year successful touring show across the United States and featured performances in Las Vegas, Anthony was again asked by the Baldyga Group International to breathe new life into their largest property. Anthony immediately began creating brand new and exciting illusions for a never before seen show.

Anthony Reed is truly one of the last great illusionists in the world today. He brings the classic art of magic and illusion with a new twist. His performance will most definitely be remembered as “The Greatest Show You Ever Saw!”

Don’t miss the opportunity to bring this fresh, exciting performer to your stage!