MAGIC Magazine | America’s Got Talent…so does Anthony Reed

Local Interviews: No matter where Anthony’s show takes him, you can always find him on the local news and in the paper promoting whatever venue booked his show. Anthony has wit, charm, and genuine personality that audiences and interviewers fall in love with.  

America’s Got Talent…

…and so does Anthony Reed. A recent highlight was when Anthony appeared on NBC’s hit reality show America’s Got Talent. Fan mail flooded Anthony’s mailbox and YouTube videos that reached over 1/2 million views almost overnight. However, AGT was not Anthony’s first television appearance. In fact, Anthony has made well over 250 national, international, and local television appearances over the past 10 years. How did AGT find Anthony? Actually, NBC invited Anthony to be on Americas Got Talent after booking him in an early magic special called “The Worlds Most Dangerous Magic II.”

Recognized By His Peers, In July of 2007, Magic Magazine (the world-leading publication for Magicians) featured Anthony on the cover. Previous cover stories have featured such celebrities as Sigfried & Roy, Lance Burton, and David Copperfield to name a few. Anthony felt honored to be interviewed by Magic Magazine and his genuine grateful attitude for his success as a Magician was inspiring to many. You can read the full cover story by downloading the PDF of MAGIC a magazine for magicians.

Anthony is available for press and media interviews by using the contact page on this site. He can provide press & media kits upon request and has an impressive portfolio. If you are interested in having “The Magic of Anthony Reed” make an appearance on a television special, you should contact Anthony directly by using the same contact page. Anthony and his crew are very professional and well versed in production. You can rest assured knowing that Anthony and his crew show up well prepared and self-contained. He is a pleasure to work with and will make your life easier.

You can interact with Anthony and his many fans on his Facebook page and get the latest scoop and links to most recent blog posts. Not many performers have the same down to earth personality that Anthony does so when you visit his Facebook page, expect to hear more about his hobbies and family than about the show. Although magic is his first love, Family and friends are very important to Anthony. You will never see an interview or article where Anthony doesn’t thank someone for where he is today and most often that grateful heart is directed to his family for love and support along his road to success. Connect with Anthony and your life will forever be filled with Magic.